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  • Bengkung Belly Bind
  • Bengkung Belly Bind
  • Bengkung Belly Bind
  • Bengkung Belly Bind

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What exactly is Bengkung ? 

 Benkung is a belly binding tradition originated from Malaysia. It essentially is the method of tying a long strip of cloth around the mother’s abdomen during the postpartum period to support the mother’s womb after childbirth. 


Why belly-binding ?

• Belly-binding pulls in abdominal muscles that has separated during child birth back together.

• It prevents the “nursing slouch”  by correcting the mother’s posture while sitting up and walking. 

• It affectively shortens the postpartum bleeding time by getting rid of waste blood naturally.

• Belly-binding is an ancient, natural, and affective way to decrease the postpartum healing time.

• It helps shrink belly size an tighten abdominal skin.

• Not only is it suitable for postnatal moms, but is also great for daily use.  It helps with weight loss, shrinking belly size, and firming the abdominal skin.


Why choose Benkung Belly Wrap? 

 The tradition western postpartum girdles like Belly Bandit irritates and pinches the skin, and are super uncomfortable.  The Benkung wrap affectively covers from under the chest, all the way down to below the hips, while the traditional western postpartum girdles only covers the stomach partially.  The Benkung wrap causes the ribcage as well as the hips to recover into their normal dimensions, without pressing onto the abdomen. Benkung wraps are made of 100% soft and durable cotton outside, and unbleached cotton in the inner shell, while the western postpartum girdles are made of irritating Polyester.  


More about Benkung Belly Wrap

Wrapping the belly is the most important part of postpartum recovery. It affectively helps the body shrink and recover in the most efficient amount of time—normally around six to eight weeks. The Benkung wrap supports the mother’s postpartum body, helps the abdominal wall retract, improves and corrects posture, stabilizes the torso and ligaments, and recovers the body into pre-pregnancy size. 

During the pregnancy, the mother’s body accumulates water, air, and fat which causes swelling in the body. The water gathered by the cells supports the amniotic fluid and the air cushions the baby and the mother’s organs. This is why the mother gets more swollen during the last months of pregnancy. When the baby is born, the water, air, and fat are no longer needed. So the cells release the excess liquid which causes the mother to shrink back to her pre-pregnancy size. The Benkung wrap speeds up the process of the excess liquid and waste leaving the body by putting constant pressure onto the abdomen and torso area. The Benkung belly wrap is most effective during the first eight weeks of postpartum but can also be used during anytime of the postpartum period. 



Our line of Postpartum Products: 

Our postpartum kit is a complete assortment of postpartum products carefully selected to affectively promote postpartum recovery. All of our products are safe to use while breastfeeding. Our products are naturally and carefully made. Each product has specially selected ingredients recommended for moms in the postpartum stage. We pledge that our line of postpartum products are: 


Bengkung Belly Bind:  This wrap provides support 360 degrees around the mother’s postpartum body. It firms, restores, and shrinks the mother’s body affectively, giving incredible results.

Jamu Herbal Firming Powder (Paste): This powder is mixed either with water or a carrier oil into a smooth paste.  The paste is then applied onto the belly and works with the wrap to promote better results.


Postpartum Mommy Oil:  Helps with circulation and aids the body in releasing the unnecessary water, fat, and air, reducing swelling of the legs and feet.  It is also great for muscle aches and pain.

Fresh Ginger Body Soap:  Ginger is widely used in postpartum care in Asian culture. It helps with pain and bad circulation, and essentially gets rid of the “wind” and toxin that is trapped in the body.

Artemisia Argyi Soap: In traditional Chinese medicine, Artemisia Argyi is considered to have warming properties and to be associated with the liver, spleen and kidney meridians. The herb is considered to increase the blood supply to the pelvic region and stimulate menstruation, and helps treat infertility. It is often used to getting rid of "wind" that is trapped in the body. The pernicious influence of "wind" is considered the major cause of illness in traditional Chinese patterns of disharmony.

Ginger Body Cream: This amazing Ginger Body Cream affectively encourages circulation and enhances lymphatic flow.  It is fast-absorbing, non-greasy and has a luxurious creamy texture.

Asian Spice Sea Salt Body Scrub: This product is great for post-natal treatment. It consists of ingredients such as Cinnamon and Ginger, which is well known for lymph and cellulite drainage.  It is great for restoring the skin and correcting blemishes and stretch marks.

Artemisiae Argyi Ginger Bath Tonic Sachet: Can be used as bath soak/foot soak, helps with cold hands and feets, poor circulations & water retention.  Epsom salt are also added to soothe aches and pain.

Ginger Candy: This tasty homemade treat can help with nausea and circulation. In Asian culture, ginger is widely used as a postpartum ingredient.  It is often used to get rid of "wind" that is trapped in the body. The pernicious influence of "wind" is considered the major cause of illness in traditional Chinese patterns of disharmony.  You can eat this by itself like candy, or add it into your favorite beverage—like tea. Adding this treat into your coffee and turn your boring cup of coffee into a tasty Ginger Latte!

How to Use:
Step 1: Spread the Benkung Belly Bind onto a bed with the inside (white unbleached cotton fabric) facing up. Lie down directly onto the wrap, while lining the bottom near the middle of your hip. Tuck the cloth tightly to your body.

Step 2: Lace the straps through the eyelets, starting from the bottom and top like shoelaces. Tighten as you go, focusing on the abdomen.

Step 3: Finish by tying-off the bind. If the bind is longer than your torso, tie the fabic inwards on the outside, not against your skin. The bind can be rolled up and loosened when using the restroom.

I highly recommend wearing the Benkung bind for at least 8-10 hours a day immediately after giving birth (natural birth). Wear the bind for at least 30 days or more. You should be able to see dramatic result after 15 days. The more the wrap is worn, the faster you will see the results. Our wrap accommodates mothers of all sizes. From X-small to XX-large. Choose the row that is most comfortable for your body. As your body begins to show some results, make the wrap smaller.

For C-section:
Use after stitches are removed and incision is fully healed (at least 2 weeks after surgery). A lot of moms find that wearing a Bengkung Bind actually helps with pain right after the surgery as it offers support and "holds everything in place". It can actually be worn right after C-section, but always consult your doctor before use.

Taking Care of Your Benkung Wrap:

Wash: When not wearing your Benkung bind, hang the wrap up to air to prevent unwanted odor. Put your wrap into a laundry bag to prevent the straps from getting caught onto the washing machine. Wash in COLD water on gentle cycle or wash by hand. DO NOT use BLEACH. Use mild detergent.

Dry: Use the lowest dryer setting. DO NOT OVER DRY or your bind will shrink. Or let your wrap AIR DRY laying flat.


Outer Material: 100% Cotton
Inner Material: 100% Unbleached Cotton

Handmade in Malaysia
Shrinkage of 5-10% may occur.

57' inch (Length) x 18' inch (Wide)
With two 126 inch extra long straps

Adjustable design fits:
Waist size 26'-40' inch
Hip size 34'-50' inch

Fits XS to XXL (American sizes)

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. Please consult with a health professional before use. Always store in a cool, dry location. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

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